Dr. Brodsky is currently welcoming patients to her ePractice.

This NEW feature allows you to access her services from all across the country!

Schedule an appointment & connect with me online with any of the following:

1) Skype @drlaurieND

2) FaceTime – my favorite for one-on-one, group or family consultations

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5) Twitter @drlaurieND – here is where I share headlining articles, hot health tips, news flashes, delicious recipes, pics, and much more

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Consultations with Dr. Brodsky leave you feeling committed and inspired to making a change, ready to try new things and find new ways to feel your ultimate best.

Corporate Wellness

Dr. Brodsky now offers visits in the corporate setting as a Health & Wellness Advisor. Allow her to revamp the health status of your employees over Lunch N’ Learns and one-on-one consultations that target all of your office needs. Call her directly for more information at: (716) 562-8362.

Cooking Classes

Join Dr. Brodsky as she shares her culinary expertise and love for healthy eating at the JCC Manhattan. Cooking classes and nutritional calls available with the doctor through this fabulous center.

Cook with Dr. Brodsky! Check out cooking classes schedule HERE

Click HERE for FREE recordings of Dr. Brodsky’s informative Nutrition on the Go calls, recorded with the JCC.

Get Heart Healthy: Learn how to lower your risk factors for heart disease with a heart-healthy nutrition plan, a personalized plan of physical activity and exercise, and guided stress reduction techniques to help you manage the stress and negative emotions that can be toxic to your heart. Join us! For more information, click THIS link.

Boost Bone Health: Create delightful, easy-to-prepare recipes that support optimal nutrition for bone health, including home made kale krisps, savory sardine spread with sesame and tahini, Mediterranean salmon salad with raisins and herbs, classic miso soup, green goddess smoothie, salmon frittata with fresh dill, and refreshing triple berry kanten. Sign up HERE!

Healthy Tummy Initiative

As part of Dr. Brodsky’s goals to help to eradicate childhood obesity and diabetes in New York City’s public and charter schools, she created the Healthy Tummy Initiative which is an innovative program that sends doctors into local classrooms designed to teach students about how they can take better care of their bodies, make healthier eating choices along with interactive cooking classes, parent and teacher seminars, and fun with food. The program has been provided with generous donations from many local, savvy food companies that also value the concept of eating real, whole foods as part of a balanced, nutritious lifestyle that includes lots of water, sufficient rest, and plenty of exercise.

Many sincere thanks to our generous sponsors:

Dr. Laurie Brodsky, N.D.